About us

The Biostatistics Consulting and Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Lab (Biostat CIRCL) is a group of data-minded researchers who balance rigorous statistical methodology with the complex challenges of interdisciplinary biomedical research, integrating perspectives across disciplines to optimize data-driven discoveries. Our goal is to enhance biomedical research by training and supporting collaborative biostatisticians as effective team scientists. The Biostat CIRCL is not a service core; it is a research partnership engine for biostatisticians.

Work with us

The Biostat CIRCL accommodates three levels of consulting and collaboration with University of Kentucky College of Medicine (COM) researchers: (1) open consulting, (2) vouchers, and (3) collaborative units.

  1. Open consulting is a 30-minute meeting designed for quick questions or brief advice, not for data analysis or formal collaboration. Any COM researcher can schedule a free consult, first come first served, subject to availability. To schedule an open consulting appointment, visit http://calendly.com/BiostatCIRCL.

  2. Vouchers are designed to establish formal collaboration on a short-term project. Voucher work could include analysis and statistical writing for a pilot study or manuscript. Any COM researcher not affiliated with a collaborative unit (details below) can apply for a voucher, and vouchers are awarded based on availability and expertise of CIRCL biostatisticians. Limited vouchers are funded by the College of Medicine; as such, individual investigators are not responsible for funding biostatistician time/effort. To apply for a voucher, visit http://bit.ly/BiostatCIRCLvoucher.

  3. Collaborative units are designed to establish long-term formal collaboration for a group of researchers or studies. Departments or groups within the College of Medicine can invest in one or more collaborative units per year, with each collaborative unit including approximately 8 hours per week of analysis and statistical writing for pilot studies and manuscripts, study design for grant proposals, and 1 personalized seminar or workshop for the group per year. Because limited vouchers are awarded based on availability, collaborative units are the recommended method of collaborating with CIRCL biostatisticians for groups of researchers seeking ongoing biostatistical partnership. Please contact BiostatCIRCL@l.uky.edu for pricing structure and more information about establishing collaborative units.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Biostat CIRCL a service/technical core?

    No, we will never analyze your data without deeply understanding your research questions, how the data were collected, and what important information may not have been measured. Selecting and interpreting appropriate statistical analyses not only requires expertise in statistical methodology, but it also requires critical assessment of the aforementioned factors related to study design. In fact, the most successful projects include biostatisticians in the study design phase as well as the analysis phase of the project.

  • Should CIRCL biostatisticians be included as co-authors on manuscripts?

    We follow the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)’s recommendation for criteria warranting authorship on scientific manuscripts which can be found here. Brief advice from open consultations does not warrant authorship, but in most cases, contributions to projects through the voucher system or collaborative units would meet these criteria.

  • Do CIRCL biostatisticians need authorship on manuscripts if our group is funding them through a collaborative unit?

    Funding and authorship are independent questions. The Biostat CIRCL requires funding in order to employ excellent biostatisticians, and regardless of funding, intellectual contributions to research should be recognized with authorship (see ICMJE guidelines mentioned above).

  • How much biostatistician time does a voucher cover?

    It varies from project to project. When a new voucher is awarded, the lead CIRCL biostatistician will develop a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) that describes in detail the planned statistical analyses. The SAP serves as the agreement of biostatistician time/effort. If analyses are requested outside of those detailed on the SAP, a new voucher application may need to be submitted.


Please contact BiostatCIRCL@l.uky.edu with any questions.