New journal article describes identifying emerging phenomenon from experiments

Sep 06, 2019

A new journal article, Identifying emerging phenomenon in long temporal phenotyping experiments, from Dr. Chen's group describes an algorithm to identify emerging phenomemna, i.e., a group of genotypes who exhibit a coherent phenotype pattern during a relatively short time period, from from large-scale temporal plant phenotyping experiments.  The paper was published in Bioinformatics, a leading journal in the field.

It describes a new software tool called Temporal Emerging Phenomenon Finder (TEP-Finder) which identifies emerging phenomena and may help biologists to examine potential relationships among phenotypes and genotypes in large-scale experiments.  An experiment compared TEP-Finder with existing algorithms and found the phenomena identified by it to be more functionally specific, robust and biologically significant.

More information about TEP-Finder can be found at