IBI members to present at AMIA Annual Symposium

Sep 02, 2018

Work scheduled to be presented at the AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium in San Francisco, November 3–7:

Oral presentations

  • “Identifying similar non-lattice subgraphs in Gene Ontology based on structural isomorphism and semantic similarity of concept labels”, by Rashmie Abeysinghe, Xufeng Qu, Licong Cui
  • “Retrospective analysis of health claims to evaluate pharmacotherapies with potential for repurposing: Association of bupropion and stimulant use disorder remission”, by Emily Hankosky, Heather Bush, Linda Dwoskin, Daniel Harris, Darren Henderson, GQ Zhang, Patricia Freeman, Jeffery Talbert
  • “Variation in the representation of human anatomy within digital resources: Implications for data integration”, by Melissa Clarkson

Systems demonstrations

  • “Integration of patient reported outcomes with electronic health records – the EASI-PRO Project”, by Justin Starren, Daniella Meeker, Kenneth Mandl, GQ Zhang, Alyssa White, Raheel Sayeed, Dan Gottlieb, Alex Wormuth, Welmoed Van Deen, Shiqiang Tao
  • “A cross-cohort query system for the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR)”, by Licong Cui, GQ Zhang


  • “Enhancing radiomic features of CT images using generative adversarial network with alternative improvement”, by Gongbo Liang, Jie Zhang, Michael Brooks, Jessica Howard, Jin Chen

In addition, Licong Cui will speak during Workshop 11, Knowledge Representation and Semantics working group pre-symposium. Work from Rama Kavuluru's group will be presented at the NLP working group pre-symposium.

Full schedule available here.