Dr. Jin Chen receives funds to standardize and normalize CT images for lung cancer patients

Oct 11, 2019

Dr. Jin Chen receives two-year funds from NCI to standardize and normalize CT images for lung cancer patients. Computed tomography (CT) is one of the most popular diagnostic image modalities routinely used for assessing anatomical tissue characteristics for disease management. However, CT images are often acquired using scanners from different vendors with different imaging standards, posing a fundamental challenge to radiomic studies across sites. The goal of the Standardization and Normalization of CT images for lung cancer patients (STAN-CT) project is to develop a deep learning software package that can automatically standardize and normalize a large volume of chest CT images to facilitate cross-site large-scale image feature extraction for lung cancer characterization and stratification.

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New journal article describes identifying emerging phenomenon from experiments

Sep 06, 2019

A new journal article, Identifying emerging phenomenon in long temporal phenotyping experiments, from Dr. Chen's group describes an algorithm to identify emerging phenomemna, i.e., a group of genotypes who exhibit a coherent phenotype pattern during a relatively short time period, from from large-scale temporal plant phenotyping experiments.  The paper was published in Bioinformatics, a leading journal in the field.

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Informatics framework for graphics libraries presented at ontology conference

Jul 31, 2019

Work by Melissa Clarkson and Steve Roggenkamp presented at the 10th International Conference on Biomedical Ontology.

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Two papers accepted by computer vision conference

Apr 08, 2019

Two papers from the BMI Associate Professor Qiang Cheng's group have been accepted by IEEE CVPR2019, June 16th - 20th 2019, the premier annual computer vision conference.

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Kavuluru named to editorial board of Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Feb 28, 2019

Rama Kavuluru, PhD, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of Biomedical Informatics, a journal devoted to publishing new biomedical informatics methodologies.

IBI members to present at AMIA Annual Symposium

Sep 02, 2018

The AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium will be held in San Francisco, November 3–7. Accepted work from IBI members will be presented as oral presentations, system demonstrations, posters, and in pre-symposium working groups.

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IBI faculty members receive NIH and NSF awards

Aug 23, 2018

IBI faculty members recently received two grants from the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation.

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Dr. Kavuluru receives promotion

Jul 31, 2018

Congratulations to Rama Kavuluru, who has been promoted to Associate Professor in the Division of Biomedical Informatics as of July 1.

IBI faculty publish article on data commons in JAMIA

Jun 22, 2018

IBI faculty GQ Zhang,  Licong Cui, and Shiqiang Tao published “The National Sleep Research Resource: towards a sleep data commons” in AMIA’s flagship journal, JAMIA. In collaboration with investigators from Harvard, this article describes the design and implementation of the NSRR for integrating, accessing, and analyzing data from sleep studies.

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Eric Durbin receives Kentucky Cancer Registry award with multimillion-dollar contract from NCI

Jun 21, 2018

The Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) has received a $2.6 million contract from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to continue its participation in the NCI’s Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program.

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Congratulations to Anthony Rios

Jun 15, 2018

Congratulations to Anthony Rios for successfully defending his doctoral thesis. His advisor is Rama Kavuluru. Anthony will begin a tenure-track position at the University of Texas, San Antonio, in the Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security in August.

Sally Ellingson to serve as guest editor

Apr 24, 2018

Dr. Ellingson will serve as a guest editor for the special issue “Computational and Mathematical Drug Design and Discovery” of the journal Computational and Mathematical Biophysics, to be published in December 2018.

Jin Chen receives funding from Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Program

Mar 12, 2018

IBI faculty Jin Chen receives $150,000 from Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Program to study lung adenocarcinoma subtypes using radiogenomics and deep learning.

IBI faculty serve as guest editors for journal special issue

Mar 12, 2018

IBI faculty members Licong Cui and GQ Zhang have been selected to serve as guest editors for a special issue of the Journal of Biomedical Informatics on quality assurance of biomedical terminologies and ontologies.

GQ Zhang selected for JAMIA Open editorial board

Mar 12, 2018

IBI faculty GQ Zhang has been selected to serve on the inaugural Editorial Board for AMIA’s new gold open access journal, JAMIA Open, which launched at the end of 2017.

GQ Zhang elected to CTSA Informatics Domain Task Force

Mar 12, 2018

IBI faculty GQ Zhang serves as an elected member of the Informatics Domain Task Force lead team, which will coordinate CTSA-wide informatics initiatives.

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Radha Nagarajan to serve on AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium Scientific Program Committee

Mar 12, 2018

IBI faculty Radha Nagarajan will serve as a member of AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium Scientific Program Committee. The conference will be held November 3–7 in San Francisco.

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Dr. Ellingson featured in UK research news

Feb 26, 2018

Sally Ellingson is featured in the latest segment the People Behind Our Research series. Her work applies machine learning to drug discovery.

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Dr. Ellingson’s work to be presented at AMIA conference

Jan 02, 2018

Sally Ellingson and her team had two papers accepted for presentation at the AMIA 2018 Informatics Summit: “Polypharmacology within the full kinome: a machine learning approach” (by Derek Jones, Jeevith Bopaiah, Fatemah Alghamedy, Nathan Jacobs, Heidi Weiss, WA de Jong, Sally Ellingson) and “Incorporating protein dynamics through ensemble docking in machine learning models to predict drug binding” (by Fatemah Alghamedy, Jeevith Bopaiah, Derek Jones, Xiaofei Zhang, Heidi Weiss, Sally Ellingson).

Congratulations to Anthony Rios, best student poster at CCS2

Oct 17, 2017

Anthony Rios, a PhD student of Rama Kavuluru, won this year’s student poster contest at the first annual Commonwealth Computational Summit.

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Jong Cheol Jeong joins IBI

Oct 12, 2017

Dr. Jeong joined IBI in August 2017, also appointed as manager of the UK Cancer Research Data Warehouse.

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Melissa Clarkson joins IBI

Oct 12, 2017

Dr. Clarkson brings expertise in human-centered design, visual communication, and information design.

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Qiang (Shawn) Cheng joins IBI

Oct 09, 2017

Dr. Cheng joined IBI in August 2017, bringing expertise in the areas of machine learning and data analytics.

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IBI has papers and posters accepted to fall 2017 AMIA Symposium

Sep 25, 2017

Congratulations to the ten members of IBI who had papers and posters accepted to the symposium in Washington, DC.

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Dr. Kavuluru awarded grant to study social media chatter about e-cigarettes

Aug 10, 2017

Congratulations to Rama Kavuluru! His R21 proposal, “Toward fine-grained e-cigarette surveillance on social media: Evolving themes, popularity predictors, and demographic variations”, has been funded by the NIH. Project summary here.

UK’s new Institute for Biomedical Informatics advances data-enabled discovery

Feb 20, 2017

The Institute is a campus-wide center for data-intensive interdisciplinary research in the biomedical sciences.

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Ramakanth Kavuluru selected for funding by NLM to improve information extraction from scientific literature

Jul 01, 2016

Dr. Kavuluru awarded UK’'s first R-series grant.

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Jin Chin to join the Division of Biomedical Informatics

Apr 14, 2016

Dr. Chen will join the Division in July 2016, bringing expertise in data mining and computer vision.

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Dr. Jim Cimino speaks at UK Medical Center

Feb 29, 2016

Dr. Cimino’s talk, “How Do We Fix the Electronic Health Record?”, included a brief history of EHRs, current limitations, and his vision for future systems.

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Zhang to lead new Institute of Biomedical Informatics

Jul 09, 2015

Dr. GQ Zhang will join UK in August to lead the Division of Biomedical Informatics and the Institute of Biomedical Informatics.

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