Accelerating Bioinformatics Applications using GPUs

Fernanda Foertter PhD

  • GPU Developer Advocate, Bioinformatics HPC+A

Feb 20, 2020|12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

University Health Services 130 (pizza and drinks at 11:50 - RSVP to

The biological sciences are currently experiencing an increase in data size and complexity. Traditional methods are now reaching the point they can no longer keep up with the data output. Larger datasets, particularly when combined with other data sources, open opportunities to apply methods like deep learning on these complex data. NVIDIA is contributing to these needs by developing algorithms that can leverage graphics processing units (GPUs). These problems benefit from high memory bandwidth and very high parallelism inherent of the GPU architecture. This talk will explore some of the collaborations we have with industry and academia and share some of what our research team is currently working on.


GPUs for Genomics

Fernanda is a GPU Developer Advocate for Bioinformatics at NVIDIA. She was previously in the HPC User Assistance Group as an HPC Programmer and Training Coordinator at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility. She participated in the CORAL project that selected Summit as the next supercomputer to replace Titan, was co-PI of Kokkos ECP project, served in OpenACC and OpenMP language standards and is the “inventor” of the GPU Hackathon series. Other interests include intersection of HPC and AI, facilitating data integration workflows, and productivity in scientific application development.