Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Collaborative (KDOC)

KDOC data will link key providers of diabetes and obesity care for low-income rural Kentuckians, along with the main payer for their healthcare services. The goal of this project is to decrease the burdens of diabetes and obesity among rural Kentuckians by facilitating communication and collaboration among small ambulatory practices and health services researchers. 

Clinical data and claims data need to be effectively used together for quality improvement (QI) or health services research within healthcare organizations, and the challenges and the potential rewards for using these data across healthcare organizations are significantly greater.  

Inclusion of relatively small ambulatory care practices, especially those in rural communities, is important and at risk for being overlooked.  Health services researchers at the University of Kentucky recently partnered with the Kentucky Primary Care Association and others to establish a centralized data warehouse designed to be used for QI by individual primary care practices and for health services research involving multiple independent practices.  

  • 8 Federally - Qualified Health Centers in Kentucky
  • Diabetes focused dataset
  • Deidentified data
  • Deidentified data requires no individual IRB approval
  • Data Dictionary is available
  • Diabetic patients from 8 Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Dates Available 2010-2012

Please visit the CCTS KDOC page for more information.