Humana Comprehensive Health Insights Outcomes Data

The CCTS Enterprise Data Trust contains health care data from different sources which have been integrated into a Data Warehouse and made available for investigators use in research projects. The data can be accessed for multiple research tasks including, but not limited to, preparatory research, limited data sets, de-identified research, identifying research cohorts, and data mining research on clinical records.  

Data users must be faculty or students at the University of Kentucky.  Students have open access, faculty are required to collaborate with researchers from Humana Comprehensive Health Insights.  

The Humana Comprehensive Health Insights Outcomes Data primarily focuses on the following information:

  • Humana health plan members paid claims (inpatient, outpatient, professional services, prescription, enrollment) 
  • Over 8.1 million unique individual members
  • Deidentified data
  • Deidentified data does not require individual IRB
  • Dates Available 2007- 2011

The UK IRB has approved the use of the deidentified database to researchers utilizing ONLY data from the claims data database. It is not to be linked with any other database. The CCTS Enterprise Data Trust approved IRB protocol number for this data set is 15-0167-P6A. To schedule a consultation for study feasibility, please complete the Biomedical Informatics Service Request Form.