Appalachian Patient Stroke Recovery and Research Registry

The Appalachian Patient Stroke Recovery and Research Registry data set primarily focuses on the following information:

  • Local Inpatient Population
  • Deidentified data requires no individual IRB approval if employed within the Covered Entity
  • Identified data requires individual IRB approval
  • Dates Available 2006- present

Currently we have the following search dimensions available from 2006- present:

  • - Demographics (age today, gender, marital status, race)
  • - Financial Classification
  • - Provider level detail (service)
  • - Medical Diagnosis (ICD 9 standard)
  • - Medical Procedures (inpatient facility and technical procedures) CPT codes
  • - Lab tests and results (Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Urinalysis)
  • - Medications received
  • - Visit Details (age at visit, LOS, financial classification, service unit, weekend admission)
  • - Vital signs (height, weight, BMI, direct arterial blood pressure, noninvasive blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, temperature, death status, tobacco status)

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The IRB has approved deidentified UKHealthCare clinical information for research use under protocol number 13-0808-P6A; however, any research that requires identified protected health information are required to obtain their own IRB application approval prior to the release of clinical data.